You are ready for travel and you’re thinking of that perfect outfit? What about my heels and suits? Gone are the days where women wore heels and men wore suits for flight. That doesn’t mean you should dress up in your gym wear though. Also, resist the urge to pick up that signature travel outfit of yours. It just won’t do today.

All I’m saying basically is that you should dress for comfort. What you put on is just as important as what is in your suitcase or travel bag. Putting on layers of five sweaters will sure save you from checked baggage fees but I assure you, your story at the end of the flight will be something else.

You’ll need to take extra care in choosing the following items.

  1. Undergarments/Pants: on that trip, choose undergarments that won’t slip, pinch or itch. Go for underwear that has printed tags instead of fabric labels which only end up irritating the skin.Do away with pantyhose or tights unless you tend to get food while on flight. Better still, you could wear knee-high stockings under pants rather than full coveragehose or tights.

 If you have a pant that is made of wrinkle-resistant fabric or dark in color, you should go for that as it will hide any crease that may come from sitting on a plane.

  • Short sleeve top: a soft white or black T-shirt is the perfect outfit for you to wear. You could wear a lightweight buttoned blouse. You can also top this shirt with a layering piece of breathable, natural fibers that has quarter-length or long sleeves.
  • Dress/skirt: both can be comfortable on a plane so long as the fabric and style is fairly loose. Stay clear of low-cut tops and slippery straps. Don’t put on short skirts unless you’re wearing leggings underneath.
  • Socks: Put on a pair of socks made of natural fibers like cotton or wool. These will keep moisture away from your feet. Wear slip-on shoes and avoid sandals and shoes that are difficult to put on. If you have to walk through airport security without shoes or perhaps you want to remove your shoes in the plane, you’ll need the protection of socks.
  • Coat and/or pashmina or scarf:if you need to free up room in your suitcase, you can carry on or put onthe heaviest coatyou have. You can always stash it up in the overhead compartment while on board. You can also pack a pashmina or large scarf to wrap around yourself if the plane is uncomfortably chilly.

Shorts are usually the most comfortable outfits to wear to the airport but then again, planes tend to be cold.Pants can be changed into before departure or a thin blanket can be draped over your legs.

With all of these,you no longer need to wonder on how to dress for air travel. Taking these tips to action, have a blissful trip to the destination of your dream!

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